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Miyachi America offers a comprehensive line of standard and custom equipment and systems to address your welding, bonding, sealing, marking and cutting needs. We believe in partnering with our customers from conceptual design to production; innovative process solutions form the foundation of every product we build.

Laser Microfabrication Systems | Laser Micromachining Equipment

Laser Systems - Laser Micro Fabrication Systems

Photo of Laser Cutting & Laser Micromachining with Fiber Laser  Marker Technology


Laser Cutting & Laser Micromachining with Fiber Laser Marker Technology

  • Cost-effective laser cutting system
  • Make quality cuts in copper, silver, gold, steel and aluminum
  • Cut bare or plated materials
  • Step-and-process multi-axis cutting in XYZ and rotary
  • Easy set-up and programming

Miyachi Unitek has developed a process for high quality precision laser cutting and laser micromachining of metals under 0.5mm thick using a fiber laser marker with high speed XY galvo beam delivery. This cost effective process offers both laser cutting and laser drilling capabilities and is particularly suited for cutting thin, reflective materials like gold or copper.  Typical applications for this laser cutting process include micro-electronics, semiconductors, and solar cells/grids. It is also useful for cutting prototype lead frames or other thin sheet metal parts with an underside burr of less than 0.0005”.

This laser cutting process does not require assist gas, but a low pressure flow of gas can be used to protect the optics to direct particulate matter away from the workpiece.

  • Photo of Machining Mark Tech

    Machining Mark Tech

  • Photo of Laser Cutting Copper

    Laser Cutting Copper

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